Friday, 23 August 2013

The Degree Tragedy

Assalamualaikum wbt and hi readers. Well,  how would I start this post. I don't know. 'The Degree Tragedy', it's really really a shock news for me, for the course-mate, the lecturer, faculty, college and UPM-ians too. We lost two of our friend in the tragic Genting Higland bus accident at 21st August 2013, Sia and Chin Yii. I knew this on 22nd August from one of my friend, Naim about what happen. All of us hope that they only stuck at Genting. I see some of their friend and my course-mate give the last word on the Facebook. I try to find the name of all victim in the Google. But few hours after Naim tell about what happen, I ask other friend from my course, Pik Kei to confirmation about what happen. Then, she tell me that both of them already leave us forever. I really could not believe it, then Pik Kei also told me she confirmed from their family. Suddenly, face both of them came into my mind. Both of them is a cute and kind couple. Then, myMetro also had the news about them. The other news came out from other site. It was a sad moment to me, course-mate and people who know them. Yup, even though I'm not very close to them, Sia and Chin Yii but I know them well, good friend and course-mate. Chin Yii was my block-mate at Second College and Sia was my Web group-mate last semester and both of them is my course-mate in UPM. I watch the Bernama News, the news told that they had really bad injured at head and other part. Today, I read the Kosmo newspaper about them. I'm really sorry to hear this tragic news, my sympathies are with deceased's family on this sorrowful moment. Both of them will always in our memory. Sia Chin Shin and Kwan Chin Yii.

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*sorry for the grammar.

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